We pursue estimating the requirements of background verification in today’s world and give an ethical way out by taking proactive measures through conducting different sets of screening services. We set down a few thoughts into arranging its areas of operation to ensure continual compliance and safeguard the interest of the customers it’s serving.

  • Address Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Educational Verification
  • Police Verification
  • Court Record Verification
  • Global Database Verification
  • Credit History Check
  • Vendor’s Verification

Address Verification

In this speedy world, where fraud and crime are growing at a rapid speed, it enhances essential to conduct an address verification of a candidate to whom someone wants to hire Address verification is needed of the hour. The Address verification service corroborates the person’s present residence address or maybe permanent address depends on client company policy.

Employment Verification

A pre-employment check helps acquire the right people to develop one’s business. By making a small investment towards employment reference checks, you can save on the greater costs of fraud and other unlawful activities. Employment screening background checks also help filter workers who might have potential terrorist links or criminal backgrounds.

Educational Verification

VHSPL checks the applicant’s education background, as well as save your company from negligent hiring claims. We have developed a system to directly contact the educational institution that issued the degree to corroborate the education background.

Court Record Verification

Court Record scrutinize determine up records of illegal activities that  employees might have involved in, as well as of criminal or civil offences which have led to litigation

Claims verification

Hire us to conduct an intensive verification into all insurance claims. We have a highly trained team who get to the bottom of claims verification whether it is life insurance, medical insurance, accident insurance, general health, jewellery insurance, home insurance or vehicle insurance. All this is done in a time and cost effective manner for companies anywhere in India.